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The Grab

An economical robotic book scanner capable of converting books of any size into JPEGs without destroying the binding.


Scanners used now-a-days requires an operator to manually scan each and every page of a book. This seems irritating and is time-taking. Also, digitizing books has been an issue tackled by companies to allow people to read off Kindles and iPads rather than the traditional paperback. Yet, not much effort has been made into the invention of an automatic book scanner for consumers. This project seeks to determine a cost-effective approach to robotic book scanning to create JPEGs from physical books.


Our product stands as a solution to eliminate the drawbacks of present day scanners. The design ensures fast and cheap scanning of books of all kinds that can be used at all households, offices etc.


This Robotic Book Scanner will help the users to save and digitize the old books and documents with less cost and will reduce all the man-power required in the usual scanning process with its user friendly interface.

Awards & Recognition

  • Team SPARTANS RBS have been selected for the IEEE Student Project Funding 2016-2017 and won second place and funded with Rs.12,000/- cash award.
  • Filed with Intellectual Property Rights-2017

Team Spartans RBS

K Vinoth, V Deepak, R Sai Saran, IV ECE