The SAE ISS has taken up an initiative to start the Aero Design Challenge in India which was previously being conducted in the United States of America. In this competition, the Students are required to use their engineering skills to conceive an aircraft of their own. The aircraft competing is categorized into two classes as MICRO CLASS (Electric-Propulsion) and REGULAR CLASS (Glow-Propulsion). Our team FALCONZ has secured BEST DESIGN AWARD in the competition,Event organized by SAE. The aircraft was made out of Balsa Wood which was cut to specified dimensions and assembled using cohesive substance, for propulsion a 50 cc Glow engine, the aileron controls were controlled by servo motors. The aircraft was covered with a foil to give it a finished look. The entire cost of manufacturing the aircraft and the computational resources were fully sponsored by our institution.

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CSE Department


  • MA6351 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations E-BOOK
  • CS6301 Programming and Data Structure II E-BOOK
  • CS6302 Database Management Systems E-BOOK
  • CS6303 Computer Architecture E-BOOK
  • CS6304 Analog and Digital Communication E-BOOK
  • GE6351 Environmental Science and Engineering E-BOOK

IV Sem

  • MA6453 Probability and Queueing Theory E-BOOK
  • CS6551 Computer Networks E-BOOK
  • CS6401 Operating Systems E-BOOK
  • CS6402 Design and Analysis of Algorithms E-BOOK
  • EC6504 Microprocessor and Microcontroller E-BOOK
  • CS6403 Software Engineering E-BOOK

V Sem

  • MA6566 Discrete Mathematics E-BOOK
  • CS6501 Internet Programming E-BOOK
  • CS6502 Object Oriented Analysis and Design E-BOOK
  • CS6503 Theory of Computation E-BOOK
  • CS6504 Computer Graphics E-BOOK

VI Sem


  • CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security E-BOOK
  • CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications E-BOOK
  • CS6703 Grid and Cloud Computing E-BOOK
  • CS6704 Resource Management Techniques E-BOOK
  • CS6004 Cyber Forensics E-BOOK
  • CS6007 Information Retrieval E-BOOK


  • CS6801 Multi – Core Architectures and Programming E-BOOK
  • human Computer Intractioin E-BOOK
  • Software Project Managment - SPM E-BOOK