Drones for Good

Everything starts with a problem which we ourselves experienced last December 2015 when Chennai suffered a massive flood disaster. Even though we had relief materials like milk, water, candles, food in surplus, we were unable to distribute them to the needy at their place at the right time.

We had analyzed many solutions, but most of them could not be implemented by local social welfare bodies and NGO's due to various reasons. We, on the other hand, wanted to pool our engineering skills for a social cause. We were triggered by an idea whereby we could deliver basic medical amenities and emergency relief materials using Drones. Drones have been in operation throughout the world in various environments and locations but we the technical people, who are known for our practical problem solving capacity, designed our customized drone in a cost effective manner.

‘’Team Dronix’’ from Panimalar Institute of Technology, Chennai, after one year of hard work, developed the “Octocopter’’, which in other words is an unmanned helicopter having eight rotors. A specially trained controller flies the Octocopter across terrain which may not be accessible by traditional means. On receiving a distress call from any victim or patient, our base station immediately sends out a multi-rotor Octocopter, to the spot, after tracking down the location of the signal. Within a matter of minutes, the payload is dropped off at the specific location and the Octocopter automatically returns to its base. It can carry weights up to 10 Kg, and fly within 2.5 Km aerial radius at a speed of 65 Km/H with an air borne duration of 20 minutes. We have also included an external obstacle detector to avoid collisions as well as a camera for aerial surveillance. An amount of INR 85,000 had been incurred to design our drone, whereas the cost of an industrial drone in the open market costs nearly INR 3 lakhs. We successfully demonstrated our idea both inside as well as outside our campus.

For details information kindly visit www.team dronix.com and watch the YouTube channel 'teamdronix' for the demonstration videos.