Director's:  Mrs.C.Vijayarajeswari , Mr.C.SakthiKumar, M.E., & Mrs.Saranya sree Sakthikumar B.E.,

      Our college owes to Directors Tmt.C.Vijaya Rajeswari , Mr.Sakthi Kumar M.E. and Mrs. Saranya Sree Sakthi Kumar B.E. who are focussed in bringing out the true potential of our college. The directors are of the opinion that it is the responsibility of the educational institutions to empower the young techno brains of India so that the younger generation will succeed in the global mainstream

      Our Director Thiru C.Sakthi Kumar, M.E. is an energetic young leader who not only gives innovative and improvising ideas but also sees that those are implemented without any delay. All his ideas are the manifestation of his talent he possesses and dedication and seriousness he showcases towards the progress of the institution. He has keen observation over minute details and always thinks of better prospects for Students, Staff and Institute.

       He has an insatiable curiosity to learn new and varied things and irresistible desire to share them with the staff and students. He is the ultimate Director in designation and execution. Tmt.C.Vijaya Rajeswari keeps the founding vision of the chairman alive through her participation in the curricular and extra curricular activities of the college. She follows Dr.Jeppiar's mission of inculcating excellence in all her endeavours.